TV Series 

The TV Series

Our goal is to create the most innovative and well produced TV style series ever made about the Great Loop. 

We will achieve this by engaging with industry experts, by using our own film making skills, and by working with schools and organisations.

The series will feature the Great Loop as a living breathing 'thing'. We will cover things such as its economic significance, many aspects of US and Canadian history from around the loop, the people that call her shores home, the transients who travel her canals, lakes, rivers and waterways. 

We will offer an insight to the townships and cities that sit above her banks, we will sample the food along her veins, and attend festivals, markets and special events along the way. 

We will share the stories of our crew members and how this adventure is changing their life's.

Ways To Be Involved ?

OK, so you think this is pretty cool and you would like to be involved, so how can you?

We are looking for;

  • Existing film makers who want to support this project.

  • Schools and Universities who have film faculties who want real life experiences.

  • Science Classes who want to conduct marine biology activities around the Great Loop

  • Editors who want to assist in Editing.

  • Camera 'person' who want to gain skills.

  • Audio skilled 'people' who want to support us.

  • Aspiring TV and documentary makers who 'want a break'. 

  • Aspiring TV hosts who would like some in the field real life opportunities.  

  • Sponsor partner for production

  • Partners for equipment, cameras, action cameras, audio gear, tripods, waterproof gear. 

  • Distributor of the completed series by country. 

Getting Selected

We have designed a robust and well balanced process to select those individuals, businesses, organisations who will be part of this project. 

Step 1. You write to us explaining your level of interest and in what area.

Step 2. We assess your interest, evaluate against our project goals and then notify you of the next step if you are selected to progress.

Step 3. Phone conversation to commence planning and engagement details.

Step 4. A written confirmation of agreed engagement parameters. 

I'm ready to enquire about my/our engagement in this project ( hit the red button).

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