Mark Philpott

Chief Executive Officer & Podcast Show Host

Ex Global Corporate Executive, Founder of a Global Not for Profit Org, Philanthropist, Publisher, Author, Film Maker, Global Public Speaker, Endurance Athlete, Serial Traveller and now Podcaster. 


I have been travelling all of my life. From the age of sixteen when I left my home country of New Zealand my expoloration of the world commenced and has never stopped. I have been fortunate to have travelled to every corner of this amazing planet, and have met so many of it's incredible people, touched and smelt her unbelievable nature and changed my life several times along the way. 

The Global Travel Channel is my latest platform whereby I want to change the lives of others, and my own at the same time. I remain hungry for more lessons that only the classroom of the world can offer, and I will work hard to help others along the way. The Global Travel Channel is for anyone, anywhere who has or wants a love affair with Travel.