Wonderful Wollongong Food

When we recently travelled to the New South Wales South Coast in Australia we were pleasantly surprised on several fronts.

Not only was the area full of wonderful things to explore in North Wollongong but we came across a delightful restaurant that we want to share with you all.

The Mango Tree Cafe and Restaurant is located at 18 Cliff Road in North Wollongong. Once you walk up the few steps into the delightfully bright and cherry surrounds you will be greeted by Raj, the restaurant owner, and members of his happy and friendly team.

Susan sitting at the table.

Despite the wet and cold weather outside of the restaurant when we visited, the warm and friendly ambience of this supurbly located restaurant soon made up for any of the external climatical conditions.

One of the many exciting aspects of traveling for me is uncovering hidden restaurant gems. The Mango Tree Cafe and Restaurant is truly one of those unexpected treats. My heart nearly always melts when I eat good Indian food. That's not because of the temperature of the curries I choose, but more about the wonderful array of colours, textures and tastes that Indian food nearly always serves up.

The Tandoori Chicken Dish

One of my all time favourite dishes is Tandoori Chicken. I can't seem to go to an Indian Restaurant without ordering this dish, so when Raj's team delivered the sizzling platter to our table we were amazed. The plate literally came to life with an explosion of colours and aromas. Then came the taste, a succulent mixture of spices and flavours.

Butter Chicken

Next up was the Butter Chicken dish. Now I thought the Tandoori Chicken dish was great, but when I took my first mouthful of the Butter Chicken dish my mouth literally melted with pleasure. My lips sprung to life, and a huge smile instantly swept across my face. I glanced over toward my partner Susan as she experienced her first mouthful of the Butter Chicken, the result exactly the same as mine.

The food kept coming

The Buttered Naan was moist and delicious and a great accompaniment to our dishes. The rice was perfectly cooked, with a sprinkle of coconut to help to balance ones palate. We enjoyed a couple of glasses of Yellowglen champagne with our meal which made for an additional experience.

We throughly loved our meal at the Mango Tree Cafe and Restaurant in North Wollongong. We really do recommend this place as a 'must try' if you find yourself exploring the New South Wales South Coast.

For reservations call (02) 4229 9991 or visit www.mangotreerestaurant.com.au