In my opinion the relationship between a Father and a Son is often the most important relationship a boy can have.

It is during the early years of life that the significance of this union is not truly understood until both parties are somewhat older, and considerably wiser.

When a Father and Son do not have a close connection many challenges are created for the son to experience on his life journey.

I spent the majority of my life without the father figure I disparately wanted, yearned for and missed. I found out how to do things, often alone, incorrectly and at times shamefully.

Over the years I lived in denial and could not associate with other males who had a close bond with their fathers.

I remained an outcast, a forgotten and forlorn sheep wandering around the world in search of the answers I never received at home.

It wasn’t until this point in time that I started to realise that the blame not lay with anyone else and that the answers had always laid inside of me.

Until I stopped blaming others and looking to love and accountability as my means to unlock my own secrets nothing would change. The doorway to my true freedom now stood in front of me, the question was, was I ready to walk through it?


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