Our Great Loop Adventure - We Have A Dream.

It all started in early 2017 when I looked at my partner Susan and asked her,

'Hey, have you heard about the Great Loop?' , she replied, 'Nope, what's that?'

I continued, 'It's this cool 6000 mile ' loop ' through the 'Inter-coastal waterways of the USA, and the canal systems of the Great Lakes'. And so our dream was born.

Since that day back in February 2017 we have been hatching a plot to go to the USA, to source ourselves a boat, and to complete the 6000 mile life changing adventure that is the great loop.

It is now June 2019, we are here in Australia, and we have made, what we think, is significant progress toward achieving our Great Loop dream. We have spent hundreds of hours researching boats, maps, and connecting online to 'Loopers', past and present. All with the aim of establishing the kind of wisdom required to create our own life changing experience.

Looping Americas Great Loop

You are going to be able to follow our entire journey in becoming Great Loopers. From now when we are still in the middle of the 'planning phase', right through until we are out there on the waterways of the USA and Canada, and right up until we cross our wake, when we finish our Loop.

We will be making videos, a documentary film, taking hundreds of photo's and doing podcasts along the way, and you are going to be able to find it all here on the Global Travel Channel website.

So join us, Susan, Mark and Oska as we set off in search of an amazing boating adventure along the Great Loop.

Susan, Mark and Oska.

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