This months featured Photographer is Italian...

Pietro Sassanelli

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Ciao, I am Pietro.  

I haven’t been published in Vogue (just yet). But I have been told I am an international photographer (must be because I often find myself on a plane). My life’s goal is to be as creative as possible in everything that I do.

I was networking before the word 'social' was connected to the word 'network' and meeting awesome people is a part of what inspires me to snap away.

Whether you want to celebrate your own beauty, sell your product, hold onto your memories for a life time or look back at the most important days of your life, you will need me and I will need you.

Let's create some magic, let's go places, let's have fun and let's be friends.

                       I hope that you enjoy my photos below.

 New South Wales & Tasmania, Australia Series

All of the above images are for sale.

Stay tuned for a Podcast coming soon with Pietro Sassanelli on Photography

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