Giving Back


The Global Travel Channel  6000 mile Great Loop Boating Project  in the Eastern USA and Canada in 2022/2023 is a four pillar project that focuses on the following

  • The Production of a TV Series

  • Young Adult Development Program

  • Travel Vlogging Show

  • Podcast Show

The aim of our project is to change peoples life's by providing practical and life skills to every member of the crew while making incredible and innovative online content. 


Ex Global Corporate Executive, Philanthropist, Author, Publisher, Film Maker and TED speaker, New Zealander Mark Philpott had one bucket list item that he wasn't going to let go of. The Great Loop in the USA and Canada. 

This project is Mark's vision to combine a personal passion with an opportunity to change the life's of others, in particular, young adults. 

Mark says, ' I love to create opportunities where people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, can come together in an innovative way to embrace personal growth and compassion for others. 

TV Series

Our Great Loop episode based TV series will feature the Great Loop as never seen before. From the historical significance of the Great Loop to the townships, and communities along her shores. The people, the food, events and experiences we encounter. All of these magnificent aspects created by the members of our team. The series will be made available for global distribution across a variety of platforms. To request more information please hit the red button below.    

Young Adult Program

Our Young Adult Program (YAP) has been created to make possible an experience of a lifetime for those aged between 18-22 years.


Applicants come from all over the world and each will spend a period of time aboard the boat to develop new life and practical skills that will enhance their growth and development. To request more information please click the button below.

Vlogging Show

For the entire journey we will produce a Vlog from the boat. Several members of the crew will be responsible for the Vlog creation.


Calling all of those You Tubers out there this will be a trip of a life time. 


If you would like to be involved in the Vlogging segment then click the red button below.

Podcast Show

The already established Global Travel Channel Podcast Show will continue to be produce from our boat as we navigate the Great Loop. We will chat to people along the way about a whole host of different topics.


If you would like to be somehow involved in the Podcast segment contact us today by clicking the red button below. 

If you would like to know more about how you can help please contact us today by clicking the red button below


Your brand, organisation, club, business, family, sports organisation, corporation can become part of this amazing project today. 

We are now seeking collaborators in the following areas. 

  • Film Making faculties, schools or organisations.

  • Telecommunications for data and general communications

  • Fuel Company for boat fuel

  • Boat Manufacturers 

  • Camera and Podcasting equipment. 

  • Hire Car Partnership for transportation purposes

  • Food and beverage supplier.

  • Airline Partner

  • Hotel Partner 

  • And more

The Schedule

This is a very complex project with many moving parts. Understandably dates will change, plans will alter and, things will be done sometimes differently than stated to re act to real life situations. 

Our current project timeline looks like this;

  •  2020 onwards working on project scope and partners etc. 

Sale of boat in Australia to finance trip

Acquire Visa from US Consulate in Australia and New Zealand.

Arrange transit for Puppy to USA.

Recruit team members

Recruit Sponsors and Partners.

Commence Vlogging and Podcast and Filming. 

Hold fundraising events


The Route

The Great Loop -- the 6000 mile continuous waterway that encompasses the eastern portion of North America including the Atlantic and Gulf Intracoastal Waterways, the New York State Canals, the Great Lakes, the Canadian Heritage Canals and the inland rivers of America’s heartland.

We will be travelling in an anti clockwise direction and being very mindful of seasonal conditions along the way. 

We have set no absolute timeline at this stage for our travels as these will change due to variations in activities, and filming. 

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