An Ex Global Corporate Executive, Global NGO Founder and Leader, TED Speaker, Philanthropist, Publisher, Author, Award Winning Film Maker, Endurance Athlete, Serial Traveller and now I live on my Sailboat and make Podcasts

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In this Podcast listen to Mark explain his Journey to Freedom and some of the life changing events that occurred in his life including the planning of his own death.  Listen here

Journey To Freedom



As a Guest on James Millers Radio Show Lifeology Mark talks about his pathway to success as a Homeless Man 

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Redefining Your Success

Find out how Mark changed his life !

Mark has his finger on the pulse of social consciousness, his brains in the laboratory of positive change and his heart at the centre of sustainable transformation. Rain-maker, people-connector and serial-doer, Mark is a remarkable individual with a terrific sense of what is needed to uplift the world around us. Book Mark now for your next Guest Appearance in person or via the Internet

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