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"Sharing inspiring stories from people who love to Travel"

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Willie Lee,  Singapore

The Global Travel Channel Podcast Show is a well organised, engaging and exciting show of understanding cultures and inner workings of each country being discussed.


Mark skilfully motivates his guest on the show to reveal the essence and spirit of each country investigated and to give listeners a greater if not deeper and unique takeaway rarely heard elsewhere, leaving listeners not only with a better understanding but also a deeper emotional connection with each destination.

Gwen Tran, Vietnam

Mark Philpott’s Global Travel Channel Podcast Show perfectly links the locals or past-travellers of a place to the future travellers.


Mark has always been an inspiring friend to me and it was wonderful to share my stories with him! I would totally recommend both experienced and new travellers to listen and subscribe to the channel, even if you don't have an opportunity to travel to these places in the near future!


This channel will broaden your horizon and inspire you to explore this beautiful world more!

Manisha Dhalani, Brunei

The Global Travel Channel Podcast Show has been my maiden experience on a podcast, and it was such an amazing one.


Mark is a brilliant and accommodating host, allowing me to choose a subject that I’m comfortable talking about. I’m so glad that I did this!  Thank you.”

Ray Kelley , USA 

Mark Philpott’s Global Travel Channel Podcast Show is a terrific way for people to share wonderful travel experiences, inspiring others to expand their horizons.

Hannah Henderson, France

"This was my first podcast interview, so it was new territory for me. Mark made me feel very comfortable and conversation flowed easily. It is no wonder that this the Global Travel Channel Podcast is taking off - it deserves to"

Lee Scrivener

What's it like to give up the comfort of corporate life to travel full-time, and start a blog? I was lucky enough to speak to interviewer extraordinaire, Mark Philpott (another ex DHLer!) about my journey so far.